David Green, IT Manager, Isis Design Group.

"ServerWatch is a breeze to install and configure! Really easy to use!"

Keith Roberts, Technology Team Manager, Emenities, Inc.

"ServerWatch does everything we need and a little more. We didn't see a need to spend big bucks on a fancy application when this one is so perfect for our needs."

Ron Dixon, Fertile Thoughts, Inc.

"We've been using ServerWatch for a while and it turned out to be a real life-saver. We recently had some server connection problems and ServerWatch was there to alert us so action was taken quickly. Using the logs we were able to relay the issues to our provider and a fix was applied. Thank you René!"

Dan Heller, IT Manager, Yard Interactive, NYC.

"One of the things I like a lot about ServerWatch is that it was not developed by a large company but rather by someone who cares and listens to our needs and feedback. Customer Service is superb. Highly recommended!"

Kevin Marks, IT Operations Manager

"We have tried a lot of server monitors, but we chose B4Failure. The application has grown a lot since it was launched, and thanks to the developers, we got a great deal of the changes we requested."

Manfred M., INTRASYS Network Solution GmbH

"Hello René, thank you very much for this first class service! Serverwatch is our choose after 5 days of testing!"

Randy Blum, Progressive Element, LLC.

"We rely on Serverwatch today more than before. Initially it was a nice add on application but we didn’t realize how essential is it until we put it to use. The new version with the multi-level notifications and the improved GUI left us speechless. Well done!"