B4Failure Version 4.00

Released Dec 28th - 2006

This major release introduce an entirely redesigned service engine, datastructure, main- and Web-interface.

The new structured and intuitive interface, is set to match large and small scalled companies.

  • IMPORTANT! New database structure:  B4Failure is based on an entirely new database structure, so before upgrading from Serverwatch Pro, backup your database. Upgrading is inreversable!

  • NEW! Fast URL checker:  Supporting HTTP, HTTPS and NTLM authentication this new monitor type extends your ability to verify almost anything on a webpage, extending from simple checks, to xml lookups.

  • NEW! Service Helper:  If the mainservice should hang or crash, the helperservice will mark the monitor and restart the main service. If it continues to hang, the monitor causing the crash will be disabled, ensuring you services, network and infrastructure are checked at all times.

  • NEW! Webconsole:  Entirely new webconsole, utilizing a new and easier security system - based on locations, hosts and groups.

  • NEW! Notification escalation:  Controlling notification delay, now gives you the ability to escalate your issues from one to three levels.

  • Main console:  Great improvements to usage, speed and layout. The new main layout is now based on locations, hosts and groups, giving you as a user an instant overview of your infrastructures health situation.

  • B4FService:  The service has been redesigned and optimized for better performance, and is now using a real dependent monitor system, removing the need for cyclesettings on dependencies, as it now checks dependencies as needed.

Release History
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» B4Failure v4.61
» B4Failure v4.91

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