Server, Network & IP Monitoring

B4Failure IP, Network & Server Monitoring software is a centralizied Windows based server & network suite, designed to monitor every aspect of your infratructure.

Inspired by it's dedicated clients all around the world, B4Failure has become the most comprehensive IP, Network & Server monitor suite ever, constant monitoring your infrastructure, providing alerts, notifications and even escalates them, when a failure has ocured, threshhold exceeded or an event has been detected. Constantly one step ahead, you are made aware of issues in time, reducing downtime and dataloss on your servers and network infrastrucure.

When you purchase B4Failure to watch your Network & Servers, you are purchasing the most powerfull server & network administration tool, which will continuously monitor your servers, routers, network, databases, services, eventlogs, performance data and much more, 24 hours a day - every day of the year! Complete statistics and usage data, gives you the opportunity for capacity management and trend analysis, taking corrective measures, long before the failure strikes!

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» 14/02-2008 B4Failure is Editors pick on Brothersoft
» 08/02-2008 B4Failure receives 5 star award from Download25
» 09/01-2008 B4Failure v4.91 released
» 03/01-2008 Getting started guides added to B4Failure help site
» 02/01-2008 B4Failure F.A.Q moved to online help site
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